Our Technology

Soliton’s acoustic shockwave technology hopes to offer clinicians the ability to safely and effectively perform multiple laser treatments in a single office visit.  As a result, using the device recently cleared by the FDA, but not yet available for sale, you can achieve successful tattoo removal in 2-3 office visits, rather than the 10 or more office visits often needed with current technology. 

As presented at the 2017 ASLMS Conference, the Soliton RAP (Rapid Acoustic Pulse) Device, used in conjunction with current Q-Switched lasers, quickly removes dermal whitening and epidermal vacuoles that shield or block the vast majority of laser energy. By immediately removing this shielding, our technology will give clinicians the ability to provide repeated laser passes in a single treatment session. Soliton RAP also increases the disbursement of ink particles, making immediate repeat laser passes potentially more effective.

The Situation Today

The global growth in tattoo incidence is without dispute, as is the growth in tattoo removal.  While laser removal therapy holds the largest share of this removal market, patient concerns growing from dissatisfaction with the therapy due to the unexpected, and often unpredictable, number of treatments, the resulting cost and months/years to achieve successful removal, patient discomfort, and post-treatment complications have hampered growth in the removal market. 

The Patient Experience

In a proprietary research study conducted in 2014, only 10% of those beginning tattoo removal procedures completed all the recommended treatment sessions.  Recent innovations in laser devices, notably the introduction of picosecond technology, represent opportunities for improvement but come with a significant price tag. Fundamentally, the greatest growth opportunity rests in the ability to provide safe, predictable, effective, fast tattoo removal therapies for the lowest incremental cost, both to the clinician as well as the patient.

Soliton Multi-Pass Therapy: The Benefits

In a pivotal multi-visit human trial, the results from which are currently being reviewed by the FDA, the Soliton Multi-Pass Therapy outperformed laser-only tattoo removal in 100% of the patients. The Soliton Multi-Pass Therapy resulted in an average tattoo fading of 80% vs 44% in laser-only therapy after only 2 office visits.  Further, 100% of patients achieved complete removal (75% or greater) in just 2 or 3 office visits

Our focus?  A technology which may enable clinicians to provide an ideal patient experience.

Technology & Trials

We have conducted multiple clinical trials, including human trials, conducted under IRB supervision and have submitted those results to the FDA. Following additional trials we will conduct a limited product release to Key Opinion Leaders within the dermatology community. By 2020, Soliton will launch the acoustic shockwave technology (it is not currently available for sale) into wider domestic US, followed by international, distribution and position the technology as the standard of care for tattoo removal.

If you’re interested in learning more about our trials and the Soliton team’s approach to the science, visit our Trials page here.

Acoustic Wave Technology


  • 3000 volts at 3000 amps

  • Creates audio waves from 2 to 6 MPa @ 100 Hz

Electronic wave shaping

  • Reduces electrode wear normally associated with electro-hydraulics

  • Reduces unwanted frequencies that cause heat and pain

Custom designed reflector

  • Eliminates cavitation, heat and pain
  • Non-focused, slightly diverging waves

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