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SHARP APL for Linux

SHARP APL for Linux extends the SHARP APL product line that includes OS/390, AIX and Solaris. Linux runs on personal computers and workstations, and SHARP APL for Linux is an excellent product for prototyping and application development. The addition of SHARP APL for Linux to the Soliton product family offers customers scalability and a growth path for customer applications.

SHARP APL for UNIX, (AIX and Solaris), has been productively in use by Soliton's corporate customers since 1994. SHARP APL for Linux is the result of a POSIX port of the AIX/Solaris products and is fully compatible with the AIX/Solaris versions.

Soliton is pleased to offer the APL enthusiast SHARP APL for Linux to promote the use APL as a tool of thought for students, mathematicians, engineers, analysts, actuaries, application developers, and as a rapid application development environment. SHARP APL for Linux has the same functionality as the versions available for AIX and Solaris.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of SHARP APL for Linux and/or documentation for SHARP APL for Linux in PDF form please send a message to

SHARP APL for Linux does not include support. However, problem reports may be submitted to

Linux kernel 2.0.36 or above is required to run SAX for Linux.