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  • SHARP APL for Mainframe Support
    Soliton's technical support services for mainframe products are fully integrated into the software license. Our on-call support for mainframe products is available on a 24 hour, 7 day per week basis. Support services include on-call support for trouble calls. In addition, Soliton provides its customers with corrections and work-arounds to known problems in a form which may be used by the customer to apply to their system, as required. New releases of Soliton's software products containing upgrades and extensions are included in the support services for mainframe-licensed software.

    SHARP APL for UNIX Support
    Soliton offers a range of technical support services for its UNIX products. All levels of support services include problem reporting via e-mail on the internet, with reported problems logged and addressed depending on their severity and the customer's selected level of service. All levels of support service also include error correction software updates that are supplied periodically.

    SHARP APL for Linux Support
    Soliton technical support service for the Linux version of SHARP APL for commercial use is the very same support as is provided by Soliton for the SHARP APL for UNIX products. The personal version of SHARP APL for Linux has no on-call support offering. In the event an error is encountered in the use of the product, an email can be sent to sax-linux describing the error. Soliton reviews all error reports and, if possible, addresses them in the next release of the software.

    Training & Consulting
    Soliton offers both training and consulting services related to its products. SHARP APL customer training is available for operations and system programmers.

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